Asaf Torre Personal Trainer & Entrepeneur  01 about Widely known for being an active player and captain of his team in Wapa’s Guerreros.He’s also a singer, songwriter, personal trainer and entrepreneur. Part of his life’smission is the need to encourage you to perform to your fullest. 02 Insights Estimate monthly reached accounts: 0 Cool Number […]

El Tony

El Tony Influencer & Comedian 01 about Attuned with Puerto Rican culture and current news, to take advantage of other people’s cluelessness, and maybe even yours. He uncovers the direct perceptions of the public. And brings that reality to our digital lives. El Tony’s style is an inevitable laugh. 02 Insights Estimate monthly Facebook […]


Julio Daniel “EL JD” Braodcaster, Programmer, Reporter and Presenter. 01 about Julio Daniel is a Broadcaster, Programmer, Reporter and Presenter.  Known as the master of ceremony at your favorite events, JD has always stood out as an entertainer for events in Puerto Rico such as “Noche Latina” and in the US at Universal Studios Orlando and […]

Desiree Lowry

Desiree Lowry Businesswoman, Model & Radio Host 01 about With more than 20 years of experience, Desiree Lowry is an icon of beauty and fashion in Puerto Rico.  She has excelled as a Businesswoman, Model, television and radio host, event producer, and most recently as a digital content creator. 02 Insights Estimate weekly reached […]

Alondra Michelle

Alondra Michelle Communications student, Entrepreneur, Singer & Influencer 01 about Alondra Michelle is a content creator and YouTuber with more than 250,000 subscribers extending 12 million views. Placing her among the 20 most famous young Puerto Ricans online. She likes to share creative content of her lifestyle as a teenager in a humorous and fun […]

Jaime Mayol

Jaime Mayol TV Host, Model, Event Host & Influencer 01 about Jaime Mayol is a Model, TV Host, Actor, Athlete and nature lover. Mayol has worked as a model since 2006 when he won the “Manhunt International” contest. He has been a television host on shows such as “Viva la Tarde”, “Idol Puerto Rico”, “Pégate al […]

Jailenne Rivera

Jailenne Rivera Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Model and TV Host 01 about J Rivera is a Model and a TV Host.  In 2017, she positioned herself as a first finalist in the Miss Universe Puerto Rico pageant.  Later on, she worked as a TV Host for “Lo Se Todo”  Currently she works as a TV […]

Yizette Cifredo

Yizette Cifredo TV Host, Model and Motivational Speaker 01 about Yizette Cifredo is a Puerto Rican TV & Radio Host, Writer and Motivational speaker with 15 years of experience. Currently, she participates as a TV host in the program “Noticentro al Amanecer” from WAPA and as a host on “El Brunch” by Play 96FM. In […]


Jorge Pabón “Molusco” Radio Host, Actor & Influencer. 01 about Jorge Pabón, is a broadcaster, actor, comedian and producer. He has participated in several films like “Los Domirriqueños”, “Qué Joyitas”, “Sanky Panky 3”, “Qué León” and “Marcelo”. Currently, he works as a radio host in “Los Reyes de la Punta” by La Mega. And, he […]

Diriel Mulero

Diriel Mulero Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach 01 about Diriel is a personal trainer with more than 15 years of experience. His goal is to motivate people to be the best version of themselves, physically and mentally. All of this creates a feeling of purposefulness with every person he encounters.  02 Insights Estimate monthly reached […]